My spouse and I just got married and we dont have any sign of STIs, do you still recommend getting tested for these diseases?
I would recommend initial testing before the couples get married, retesting every year is not necessary for those in monogamous relationship.

My fiance is infected with Herpes virus. Am I going to get infected if we get married?
Herpes simplex virus does not shed all the time, and if your spouse has herpes does not mean necessarily that you will get herpes. Anyone with active sores should avoid sexual activity so herpes is not transmitted to the partner.

Is herpes curable?
Herpes simplex virus lays “dormant” or asleep in a nerve and can never be eradicated, though there are medication to decrease herpes outbreak and duration. Individuals differs on how frequently the outbreaks occur from once in a lifetime to maybe once a month.

My spouse and I use condoms, since we are infected with an STI. How should we get pregnant?
It depends on the type of STD that you have, some can be treated or resolved. I would recommend discussing this with your doctor as most certainly there should be ways to help conceive without getting any STD.

Is urinary tract infection an Sexually Transmitted Disease?
Urinary tract infections are not sexually transmitted, however some women seem to get UTI’s (urinary tract infections) whenever they have sexually intercourse. You can talk to your doctor on how to prevent UTIs.

I am living in a dorm and I am afraid of getting STI from a public restroom. Please advise me.
STD’s are not transmitted through using public restrooms but through sexual intercourse only.

Can I get infected by Herpes virus if I go to public swimming pools?
Herpes is not transmitted through water such as swimming pools or Jacuzzis but sexually transmitted.

Which cancers are caused by STIs?
Neither ovarian nor uterine cancer are caused by STD. Only cervical cancer is linked to HPV, which is sexually transmitted.

I feels pain and inflammation around my vagina after sexual intercourse. Is it a sign of STI?
Burning with urination or vaginal swelling are vague symptoms that may or may not be due to STD, please refer to the sections on STD to learn more and see your doctor for evaluation and testing.

I had painful lesions in my vagina two weeks ago. Now they are gone. Should I be worried or I am fine?
The lesions could be due to herpes, I recommend that you get tested to confirm if indeed the lesions were due to herpes or not.

Is shaving public hair can help with public lice?
Shaving pubic hair may help with pubic lice, but I would recommend medicated creams to help get rid of pubic lice. Pubic lice can affect other areas such as leg or underarm hair but does not affect the scalp. Hair lice is different from pubic lice.

I still have UTI symptoms after taking one period on antibiotics. Do I have an STI?
If after treatment for a UTI, your symptoms have not resolved, please get checked for STD such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, although sometimes it still could be a UTI that needs a different antibiotic.

I have some legions around my vagina, but I cannot see a doctor since I am virgin. What should I do?
Any genital lesions should be shown to your doctor to get the proper diagnosis, the doctor can just do an external visual examination or may run some test to figure out the problem.

I saw a doctor recently and was diagnosed with HPV, although I did not have it at beginning of my marriage. Does it mean that my husband is not faithful?
Even though your husband has HPV, you may not get this virus at the beginning of your marriage but some time later on, it does not prove that your husband has been unfaithful.

I feel pain during my intercourse. What should I do? Is it a symptom of an STI?
Dyspareunia, or pain with intercourse, can have many causes, and you should see your doctor to get testing and evaluation done. It is not always caused by an STD.

I am sexually active, but I am ashamed of talking about that with my doctor. How can I get tested for STIs?
Doctors should always keep patient confidentiality a priority, you should be able to talk to your doctor freely so that he or she can best help you. Many doctors can make you feel comfortable during even the most embarrassing of situations.

I always use condoms. Is there any chance that I get infected by STIs?
Though the condoms are not 100% in prevention of STD (such as occ getting HPV or herpes in areas that condom does not cover), it is currently the best protection for STD protection.